Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

Treatment System Operations & Maintenance

Executive Summary
  • Water and wastewater services for customers throughout Indiana and into surrounding states
  • All aspects of system operations and maintenance, laboratory analysis, repairs and upgrades, and pretreatment administration
  • Ability to develop and implement cost effective system improvements
  • Established record of bringing “problem” systems into compliance
  • Scientific approach to system operations
  • Excellent reputation with long-term clients and regulatory authorities

Accountability, Compliance, and Cost Controls

Astbury Water Technology, Inc. (Astbury) provides clients a complete menu of water and wastewater treatment system services, including operations and maintenance, laboratory analysis, system repairs and upgrades, and compliance consulting. Our combined capabilities allow us to provide customers with turn-key service solutions which streamline treatment system operation and deliver improved accountability, environmental compliance, and cost controls.

Beyond turn-key capabilities, Astbury’s certified water and wastewater operators offer an impressive depth of experience and knowledge. Many have backgrounds and degrees in Chemistry or Environmental Science and have achieved the highest levels of certification, enabling the development of innovative operational techniques that optimize system performance and, in many cases, reduce long-term infrastructure investment needs.

Regulatory Compliance and Upgrades

In many instances, we have assumed responsibility for treatment systems that were under “Agreed Orders” from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), or were under regulatory scrutiny due to routine violation of permit limits. We take great pride in our ability to evaluate existing infrastructure and improve performance without spending large sums of money. This capability has helped Astbury develop an excellent reputation and working relationship with customers and regulatory authorities.

In Summary

Astbury’s resources and approach streamlines treatment system operations and leverages existing infrastructure – providing customers accountability, cost controls, improved compliance, and reduced infrastructure investment needs. In total, we operate over sixty (60) water and wastewater systems serving a population equivalent of around 50,000 in Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan; these systems range in size from small package plants to large municipal treatment systems.

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