Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

System Rehabilitation and Improvements

Executive Summary
  • General contracting for major treatment system rehabilitation and improvement projects
  • In-house welding and fabrication
  • Proven and economical solutions and technology

General Contracting and In-House Capabilities

Astbury Water Technology, Inc. (Astbury)’s capabilities aren’t confined to treatment system operations and maintenance. In the past decade, we have acted as general contractor for major facility rehabilitation and improvements projects. Though we have significant in-house capabilities – including welding and fabrication – we have relationships with a wide network of trusted subcontractors who assist with activities such as sandblasting, epoxy coating, excavation, electrical installation, and engineering. Combined with in-house capabilities, these subcontractors enable us to complete projects on-time and onbudget.

Apart from delivering successful projects, our experience with a wide variety of treatment system technology and equipment leads us to choose proven and economical solutions and technology to:

  • Correct infrastructure deficiencies and prolong asset lifecycles;
  • Streamline operational processes to improve efficiency;
  • Increase treatment system capacity; and
  • Sustain environmental compliance

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