Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

Industrial Water / Wastewater Treatment Services

Executive Summary
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment services for industries, commercial buildings, airports, and schools
  • Industrial boiler and cooling water treatment for corrosion and scale control, including chemicals, certified operation, on-site monitoring, laboratory analysis, maintenance, and equipment
  • Treatment equipment including Pulsa Feeder controls and Aqua Systems water softeners and R.O. systems

Operations and Maintenance

Astbury Water Technology, Inc. (Astbury) provides a complete menu of industrial water and wastewater treatment services, including operations and maintenance, laboratory analysis, repairs and upgrades, custom chemical blending, and treatability studies. Over the last thirty (30) years Astbury has gained extensive experience with many types of industrial treatment processes and facilities.

In the area of cooling and boiler water treatment, Astbury offers a complete package of services, including all aspects of treatment programs to protect against scale formation, corrosion, and biological fouling. Our programs can be customized for each application to best serve the clients' needs. The All-Inclusive program includes chemicals, weekly service calls and reports, testing equipment and reagents, on-site and off-site laboratory testing, corrosion coupon analysis, control equipment maintenance, and chemical handling. Custom service offerings can include any part of the All-Inclusive program for either a set fee or the more traditional model based upon chemical usage.

Astbury also provides specialized industrial services including acid cleaning and operation of on-site laboratories.

Regulatory Compliance and Upgrades

In many instances, we have assumed responsibility for treatment systems that were under “Agreed Orders” from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), or were under regulatory scrutiny due to routine violation of permit limits. We take great pride in our ability to evaluate existing infrastructure and improve performance without spending large sums of money. This capability has helped Astbury develop an excellent reputation and working relationship with customers and regulatory authorities.

Overview of Industrial Water Treatment


  • Certified Operator Plant Visits and Daily Operations
  • Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
  • Regulatory Paperwork and Inspections
  • Troubleshooting and Evaluation
  • Emergency Services
  • Chemical Delivery and Sales


  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Infrastructure Upgrades and Modifications
  • Special Projects

Maintenance and Repair

  • Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Installation
  • Flow Meter Calibration and Installation

Additional Services

  • Cooling Water and Boiler Water Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Pulsa Feeder and Aqua Systems Equipment

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