Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

Environmental Field Services

Executive Summary
  • Routine and non-scheduled storm water, wastewater, groundwater, and ultra-low level mercury sampling and analysis
  • Pretreatment consulting to reduce wastewater strength surcharges
  • Confined space entry, installation of composite samplers and flow monitoring equipment
  • Distributor of Eastech flow meters

Sampling and Flow Monitoring

Astbury Water Technology, Inc. (Astbury) provides a full range of field services for environmental compliance. We pride ourselves on the technical and organizational capabilities upon which our company was founded. Many projects require coordinating after-hours sampling efforts and managing hold times. Our highly-trained and dedicated employees are able to deal with the difficulties of unpredictable weather and the need for sampling at odd hours.

Field personnel are thoroughly trained in all aspects of field sampling and testing. Emphasis is placed on the importance of chain-of-custody procedures, field safety, and sampling techniques. We are knowledgeable about analytical requirements such as holding times and preservation procedures, and understand the importance of field documentation as described in United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) guidelines.

Astbury has performed routine wastewater, storm water, and groundwater sampling for over thirty (30) years. Capabilities include all types of sample collection and field measurements, an extensive knowledge of flow measurement techniques, and the ability to simultaneously collect samples from a large number of discharge points.

Wastewater Sampling

Astbury has performed wastewater sampling since its inception. We are experts at working in confined spaces and are meticulous about sampling accuracy, as most of our customers rely on our accurate data when calculating their pretreatment surcharges. Additionally, we routinely install and calibrate flow meter equipment in concert with the installation of composite samplers. Finally, our state-wide presence ensures the appropriate logistical coordination that wastewater sampling requires.

Storm Water Sampling

Storm water sampling requires great logistical preparation. Astbury has successfully completed more than 500 storm water sampling projects of various sizes. Many of these projects required simultaneous collection from multiple sample points. Our dedicated field staff, extensive inventory of specialized storm water sampling equipment, and knowledge of storm water regulations have made it possible for us to successfully complete more storm water projects than any other company in the State of Indiana.

Ultra-Low Level Mercury Sampling

Astbury has successfully completed ultra-low level mercury sampling projects using EPA Method 1669. Several members of our field staff are trained in appropriate techniques for ultra-clean sampling and have successfully completed projects collecting 24-hour composite samples, achieving non-detectable blank concentrations and highly reliable data.

Groundwater Sampling

Astbury routinely performs groundwater sampling projects for a variety of clients. In many cases, these projects are carefully scrutinized and audited. Our work has been widely praised by regulatory field inspection personnel.

Wastewater Surcharges

In addition to sampling, Astbury offers consulting services to help customers save on industrial pre-treatment surcharges. Over the years, we have assisted customers with process improvements to reduce wastewater strength, saving our customers thousands of dollars.

In-House Laboratory

Astbury’s in-house laboratory allows the flexibility needed to meet holding time requirements even when projects need to be conducted after-hours or on weekends and holidays.

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